Brooders for chicken houses

Brooders for chicken houses

The best chicken house in South Africa has to be the yellow door poultry house. Supplied with all the poultry equipment you need to start a successful poultry business, this chicken house  is the Rolls Royce of a small chicken hutch. Available in almost any size and layout. Both layer houses for egg production and broiler houses for chicken meat production use similar layouts but:

  • Layer houses are wider so the layer cages can be accessed from all sides

  • layer houses are higher so that the chickens on the top tier are not too close to the roof
  • Layer houses have battery cages and nipple drinkers
  • Broiler houses have tube feeders and bell drinkers

Heaters can be used in any size house

poultry hutch for broilers

Chicken Shack Agencies makes these poultry houses for layers, broilers and breeders. Erected and installed anywhere in South Africa – this is the easiest way to start a poultry business. The houses are welded on site using angle iron and corrugated steel sheeting which has been galvanised – you can choose to use thicker steel if you wish. The broiler poultry houses are supplied with an excellent gas heater for chickens – the Gasolec brooder (perfect for heating a chicken house), and tube feeders, bell drinkers, chick founts, chick trays, header tank, min max thermometer and winched curtains. The layer houses are fitted with layer cages, troughs and a nipple drinking system. Both of the chicken hutches have a winched curtain systemthis is to regulate the temperature in the chicken house.

Only broiler houses need a gas heater for heating a chicken house. The yellow door poultry house comes with all the poultry equipment you need to start a chicken farming operation. Before you start with the poultry house you will need to level your land and throw a concrete slab – while a slab is not an absolute necessity – it is better to have one.

Video in Venda language of a chicken house sponsored by goverment

If you are applying for a loan or a government grant make sure to include the slab and the levelling of the ground in the application. Also think about fans and heaters, store room or silos for the feed. Many new poultry farmers do not do the correct due diligence when putting together a business plan – think through the whole operation – from the day the birds arrive right up until the day you must deliver. Your farm should have a security fence and some kind of road to access the chicken house. You will need water and electricity – if you have no connections you should include them in your business plan and loan or grant application – if there is no piped water in your area you will need a borehole and water tank. Bringing electricity from the road to the house is not paid for by the electrical utility – it is for you cost – your chicken house will need lights and fans – so you will need a DB board in the house. Think about how you will expand – if you put up the chicken hutch in the wrong place you may regret it later when you wish to put up more chicken houses.

The direction the house faces is important, as is the distance between poultry houses. Try to get all the houses in a straight line so that if you later decide to put in a silo and auger it will be easy to do – no bends etc. Find out where the strongest wind comes from (known as “the wind that eats”) – and how strong it is – it may influence which direction the structures face – or you may opt for double tie downs with steel cable so the house does not blow away.

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