Gas Heaters

Gas Heaters for heating a poultry house

Gas Brooders for heating poultry and gas heaters for chickens -The best way of keeping chickens warm. With South Africa now having very expensive electricity and also having black outs and outages, gas provides an excellent solution for warming a poultry house in South Africa.

Poultry heater for chicken house

M8 Gasolec brooder

A gas heater (or brooder) will give you instant heat – unlike other form of heating.¬† The radiant heat allows the chicks to move in and out of the “hot spot” as they need to. With a thermostat which keeps the chicken house temperature just right – this fantastic gas heater also turns down when the temperature in the poultry house is right.

Gas heaters and gas brooders for keeping chickens warm in a poultry house.

Gas heater video – commentary in Venda

Gas heaters for chickens are called a brooder, or brooders. These poultry heaters or chicken heaters are the best gas brooders in South Africa. Keeping chickens warm with gas heaters is one of the methods of warming a poultry house. Other methods of heating chicken houses include electrical radiant heaters and coal fired heaters called heatcos. The heatco, whilst heating with coal, still requires a fan to distribute the heat through out the house. A gas heater will heat an area instantly – although if you are placing day old chicken in a broiler house you will need to pre-heat the poultry house – the shavings need to be as warm as the rest of the house when placing – about 32 degrees C. Heating the house and the litter or shavings will take at least 24 hours to warm the whole house – so don’t leave it till the last moment. Placing day old chicks on cold shavings will increase the risks of the day old chickens dying and will also affect your growth rate later on in the cycle. gas heaters za. You should not keep the gas bottle inside the chicken house – it will just get dirty – rather run the gas pipes to the outside of the poultry house. When your day old chickens are old enough to do without heat you should take the gas heater down and clean it very well with a soft cloth and disinfectant – do not use a high pressure water sprayer on it – this will damage the thermocouple. (you would be advised to keep a spare thermocouple in your store room) – day old chicks need heat and without a constant heat of about 34 degrees C, will most likely die.

Baby chicks rely on heat from their mother hens to keep warm – until they have proper feathers, and not down – they will need an external heat source. The beauty of these heaters or brooders, is that are easy to maintain – and will burn non stop for as long as you need them. Gas heaters purchased in a hardware store – the ones you use in the house, will not last – they are not meant to burn continuously for weeks on end – industrial gas heaters may be more expensive – but they will last a lot longer – and if you have a good supplier, spares will not be a problem – the supplier should also be able to service the heaters whenever you need. When you are not using them in the chicken house they work very well in your home or on your porch in winter.

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  7. Hi There. Im looking for a quote on two chicken house curtains. They both are 14mtrs x 1.3 mtrs. Seamed on top 1 side for a 20MM pipe and eyes on bottom every 500mm. Do u supply the shackles and winch and cable give me a quote on that aswell plz
    Preferable black on 1 side and 500g PVC. But let me know what you stock.

    by Danie Lombaard on Sep 5, 2012 at 11:52 am

  8. Most curtains are 550GSM. Why do you need eyelets at the bottom?, and why do you want black curtains – are you doing breeder/ broiler chickens? We can supply all the parts – pulleys, winches and steel cable and securing Z ropes.

    by Admin on Sep 7, 2012 at 12:57 pm

  9. I like to know the price of one M 8 Gasolec boorer where are you in south Africa? If i order by you can you send to me i stay in Witbank

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  10. i want the quotation for the gas heater

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